I just wanted y’all to know that I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and bought muffalata mix from Central Grocery.  I just made a sandwich with half theirs and half yours.  Hands down without a doubt yours is far better.  I always keep an extra jar on hand in case Costco runs out. 

Just thought you’d like to know.



I recently bought the muffalata olive, both varieties at Sam’s Club in Austin, Tx.
Where did it go and why not available in Texas,  I’m offended! Is this a political decision?  Wouldn’t you really like Texans to    purchase your products?
What happened?
I really love this product!!



Hi Greg!
You and I spoke on the phone last month and you helped me with figuring out if my giardiniera order had gone through.  The package got to Dallas safely and well packed as always.  I have to thank you again for your wonderful customer service and for not one, but two That Pickle Guy t-shirts.  My brother won’t be stealing my shirt now.  I will be giving him one as a gift.  I can’t thank you enough!!!   Everyone is getting jars of giardiniera for the holidays this year so I can spread the word about your great company in addition to the t-shirt.  Thanks again!  I wish you guys all the best!!!


I just found your pickles a few months ago and just wanted to say they are the best I ever had!!!! Great quality and flavor. Keep up the great work!!! To be honest the family goes through two jars a week. We are all addicted. Thanks again for a great product.



Could you please tell me where we could purchase the olive muffalata in the Green Bay Wisconsin area.
It is fantastic!!!

Thank you,


I rarely write to a company but want to let you know – your hot giardiniera  is FANTASTIC!  Best I have ever had.  We put it on home made meatball sandwiches and subs.  I had it again today and thought I’d share the enjoyment from our household.  Thank you.



Hi, I am from Québec, Canada.  Recently, i was on holiday in Florida and I bought your muffalata at Costco, I love it!  Could it be possible for me to buy this product from Canada?  Thank you !



Have loved  your  muffalata for years. Since moving to Phoenix from Illinois I am wondering
if you have plans to sell retail out here to Costco etc. Think of all the Cubs spring training fans out here not to mention the  Canadian snowbirds that I got hooked on your stuff.

If you need a product demonstrator I’m your person.



OMG- best ever.  I need a case, great to use at home and give as a gift to share the flavors.

Used this product on toasted bread and with pan roasted broccoli.  WOW!



I purchased a jar of your spicy muffalata olive tapenade at Sam’s Club this past Sunday afternoon.  I was born in New Orleans and I absolutely love olive tapenade.  But this – this is in a whole new class of deliciousness!  Every day since purchase (and sometimes twice per day) I’m finding a reason to use it. Today, I cut a ciabatta roll in half, buttered the cut sides and put two slices of provolone, some cream cheese and 2 tablespoons of your spicy muff mix on the uncut sides of the roll.  I put together and grilled low and slow until the cheese melted and bread was crisp and golden brown.  Absolutely divine!

Thanks for an amazing product.  I’m finding all kinds of clever ways to integrate the flavors into my dishes!


I am returning from a trip to Florida, bought 4 jars of your classic olive muffalata 24 oz. All gone already. My family and i just love it. Is that possible to have a delivery to my address in Canada? I would order 6 jars 24 oz
Please let me know




I am a loyal customer of the Costco located in West Fargo, ND. When I first became a member your olive muffaletta was easily one of my favorite items on the shelves. Last year I noticed it was out of stock, and patiently waited for it to come back it. Every visit I noticed it is still not back. I was wondering if it has been discontinued at my store? I was hoping I could get an update on if it will be back.

I literally put it on everything, and my meals have not been the same since it has been out.

Thank you!



We purchased your Classic Olive Muffalata at Costco in Bloomfield Hills, MI, but they no longer carry it. Can you tell me where I can purchase this locally? I also called Whole Foods in West Bloomfield, but they told me that they don’t carry it. Help, my husband and daughter love it, and we are all out! My zip code is xxxxx. Thanks!


I am living in Vancouver,and how can I got your delicious products?



Nothing can taste better than a hot dog on a bun topped   with  spicy  OLIVE MUFFALATA!

Good Luck!



Hello Pickle Guy.

I saw your muffalata at Costco back in July and decided to give it a try.  I fell in love with it.  Gave my sister-in-law some and now she’s in love with it and goes to Costco to buy it too.  Just wanted to thank you for a quality, delicious product. Sandwiches haven’t been the same…. and that’s a GOOD thing.



Oh my goodness I can’t believe  I found your product on line.  I purchased it with my sister in law at Coscos in Memphis and loved it.  Went back to get more and it was Gone.  I went to Whole foods in Germantown and they had something similar but not at all the same.  He said if I would give him the name that they could possibly begin to stock it.  Wow that would be great.  The picture on the front is what let me know that I actually found it.  I am so excited.



Hi,  I called you asking where to get the spicy Olive Muffaletta (since Costco didn’t have it).
Thanks the Kildeer Whole Foods had it and I bought 4 jars and there are only about 2 jars of the spicy left on the shelf, plenty of the others however.



Thanks for getting back to me.  I fixed the situation and used a different
card.  Worked like a charm.  My son and I are addicted to Olive Muffaletta
and our local Costco was out.  Hence the order.



Your pickles are fantastic. I tried a jar from a farmers market in Morris, but don’t feel like driving that far to get more. The fact that I can order online is great. Thanks for the great pickles, and delivery service.

Dave Vrtis


We purchased your Olive Muffalata while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC at Costco.  We Love it!!!!
We live in Northern VA, but checked and our local Costco, but they do not carry it.  Is there any place local you might have this delicious product?

Thank You, Bonnie Spring


Thank you so very much. The order went through smoothly.  It is truly a pleasure to do business with you.  And may I give you a special thank you for making such a wonderful product.  Kudos to all my “Pickle Guys”!



I just want to thank you and your company for creating a superior pickle. My father recently worked in your plant and he passed on to me the outrageously edible garlic pickles. As I have moved away from the greater city of Chicago to my rural setting; finer foods are harder to obtain. Being a self proclaimed connoisseur of all things pickled I have to say your products surpass my expectations and are the only thing that accompany my bloody’s. Thanks again for a pickle so crunchy I can’t hardly hear the person talking next to me- and that’s the way they should be made!! Keep up the good work. To you and all your hard working employees, thank you for making the world a more pickled place.



Thank you for creating such an excellent product! I love it so much, I have brought it as an appetizer with flat bread sea salt & olive oil crackers and hummus. I mix the olive muffalata classic into organic hummus with crackers on the side.  I’ve also dipped veggies in the same hummus/olive muffalata mix.  I’ll have to check out the chicken recipe. Its also great on burgers!  I purchase it often two at a time from Costco in Avon, Ohio.  Thanks again!  I  love That
Pickle Guy!



Dear Pickle Guy,

The warning on your label is true….The Olive Muffalata is habit forming!  Ever since you had a taste testing at my Costco, I have been buying your jars, two at a time!
I am always super excited to try any new product that is kosher, and when it turns out good, I am a customer for life.  My kids ask me all the time, “Mom, can you make your olive chicken again”?  Your product is so delectable and versatile, I just had to tell you!  I use it for every suggested use you have on your label.  Sandwiches and chicken are a favorite, but I also add it to my Greek yogurt for a savory snack.  I wanted to thank you for a superior kosher product.  Now that I see on your website that you have other products, I might have to check them out too!




I wanted to let you know that your biggest fan of your Muffalata is my 7 year old daughter! She absolutely loves it, and requests that it goes on every dish she eats! We can’t find it in any store near where we live and so we stock up on it  whenever we can (we can easily go through a jar a week). She even wanted to dress up as the little man on the label for our holiday of Purim 🙂 Thank you!


Had your product for first time.
Live in east lansing, mi
How do I buy a case for the holidays?


My life was much improved after stumbling across your product in my Costco.  BLESS YOU!!  I keep mine in the refrigerator after opening, is that correct, or can it be in the cupboard?  THANKS


Hi. I went to Costo tonight to restock on this amazing item and it was gone from stock and  their servers. Both at the Costco Brookhaven and Costco Dunwoody in Atlanta.   Is this true for good?? I see some other locations on this website and will check tomorrow. If not will order online but — very disappointed the lady told me it was off their servers. Look into it – Please!!!! Amazing , just an amazing product and recipe.
Txs and much success always.


LOVE your Classic Muffalata, which I discovered last year at Costco in Clearwater FL. It’s fabulous on any sandwich!  Plus, I created a breakfast treat called the “Om-aletta.” It’s a fluffy omelette filled with ham, cheese, and (drained) olive muffalata. Served with a little hot sauce, sourdough toast, and some New Orleans-style coffee. Laissez les bon temps roulez!


Hi, I bought your product at Costco in the US and can’t find it up here. I was wondering if I order some to be delivered in Canada and how I would go about doing that.

I used the Olive Muffalata on everything and it is absolutely incredible. If you can’t ship it to Canada you should only sell it to people with a US passport as it truly is habit forming.

Thanks Rod


HI I purchased a couple of jars of Muffalata in Tampa, this product is Fantastic. I would like to know if your products are sold in the Baltimore area.  Wegmans, Whole Foods or Harris Teeter.


Your Classic Olive Muffalata is the best-tasting spread I’ve ever tasted in my entire long life! I’ve always been a big fan of olives, but this is the olive taken to a whole new level. I love it on everything from turkey sandwiches to crackers to egg omelettes. I love it on a spoon right out of the jar! It is a “must have” in my refrigerator. I’ve just gotta have my Muffalata!


Do you sell the Olive Muffalatta in Ontario at any Costco’s?
It’s delicious!


I don’t really like olives.  I only tolerate them on pizza.

I must have been really hungry, because I sampled your classic olive muffalata one day at Costco and was pleasantly surprised.  I circled the frozen foods aisle and shamelessly went back for more.  Pleasant surprise turned into love at second bite.  And I mean L-O-V-E.  We eat it on a water cracker topped with a thin spread of whipped cream cheese with chives.  I think we’ve gone through 5 or 6 jars in the last month.  I bought it thinking it would be good for entertaining (Father’s Day, Fourth of July), but we eat it on nearly a daily basis.  I sought out your web site in the fear that my new favorite would soon disappear from Costco (as often happens).  I’m glad to see that if Costco stops carrying your product, I’ll still be able to order online.

Huh, I guess maybe I do like olives, after all.  Thanks so much!!!!!


Just had to tell you how much my sister and I love your Muffalata! We eat it right out of the jar. We are putting it on other things too, but before we know it our jar is gone. We live in the sticks of northern MI and it has been our lowland downstate city sister who has supplied us. We have gone through 3 jars in two weeks ! Have only one jar left and I’m seriously thinking of hiding it. So happy to see we can get it online but I do wish you were closer. Keep up the good work-you’re a miracle worker! Love, Mary and Carol


I don’t like it…Because I LOVE it!  I am seriously addicted and have personally found a way to include the Classic version in a meal somehow at least 3 times a week since I discovered it.  I’d love to send some pictures and brag….it’s sooooo good and thank you!!


We have tasted your muffalata and are totally enamoured with it! Do you have stores in Canada that carry your product like a Whole Foods or Costco in Canada or do you ship to Canada if we were to order online.

Maarten Bakker


Subject: Olive Mufallata

Is it possible to buy a case of Mufallata 24 oz? I would like to give it as gifts to some of my friends.

Also, I just made myself a nice egg salad (with mufallata) sandwich. Two eggs, mayo, chopped onions and two scoops of Mufallata. It was delicious!

Thanks! Willy Esteban


Subject: Olive Muffalata

We just bought a jar of muffalatta mix at Costco after having a taste on a cracker. Oh my goodness!!! Is it ever good. We just had some before dinner and had to put the jar away before we finished the whole thing. Yum yum…great job on the recipe.

Sarah Jerome


Subject: First time trying your product

Today while I was shopping at Costco I tried a sample of your olive muffalata thinking I probably wouldn’t care too much for it I took a chance and gave it a try. OMG was i surprised! It was the best thing I have eaten in a long time. I don’t usually go to the trouble of contacting company’s about their product but in this case I just had to tell you. Great product! Thanks for getting it into Costco!

Barb Long


Greg -Thanks again for the case of Minced Hot Giardineria & the sample jar of Spicy Olive Muffalata.  Made it back to Israel and I must say I regret not buying more olive Muffalata.  In less than 24 hours after opening – here is what the jar looks like.

Empty spicy jar






One of my co-workers, can’t find the person, brought this to work. I happened to taste it while working an overnight shift. WOW! Loved it. It was your original ,most popular blend of Olive Muffalata.

Where is it sold in Omaha NE? I’d like to purchase a bottle.

Thanks, Lorette Teal


One Happy Customer

One Happy Custcomer!!! Marc Puigvert Charolotte, NC – Costco









Hello! We bought this olive muffalata in Costco in Charlotte, nc and fall in love with great taste and quality. But we couldn’t find it at the next week. Could you please let us know if it’s going to be for sale again in Costco, Charlotte, NC.

Thank you!!! Marc Puigvert


Hi there – I see that you have a 630 area code. I live in an 847 area code however I go to Naperville often and wondered if I could pick up some Mild Muffalata at your location (wherever that is).  I usually buy the Muffalata at the Skokie Farmers’ Market and obviously did not buy enough to make it through the winter and spring.  Please contact me.

Thanks, Vickie


Many times I helped empty the shelves of Olive Muffalata Costco in Minneapolis, MN  area… Now I am in Calif. and trying to find it here. Help need Olive Muffalata!!

Karen Lemki


I ordered 6 Classic Olive Muffalata!Thank you & looking forward to enjoying more of your wonderful product.  Best of luck to you in 2015.

Sincerely, Judy Wiltse


I bought the olive muffalta mix at Costco last week after a sampling.  We love New Orleans and I thought I might try to bring the flavor of New Orleans to Palatine!

Well, last night I made the most outstanding meatloaf ever and it got raves from all of my neighbors and now everyone not only wants the recipe, they want all the “secret ingredients”..one main item being 1 cup of the olive muffalta mix!  I am considered a very good cook, I like to try different things, but this was unbelievabley great!  Costco changes their products and I wanted to be sure to always be able to stock this “magic” product for future recipes as well.  I was delighted to know that you are a local company as I live in Palatine.  Please let me know where else I can buy it in case Costco no longer sells it or is the best to do it on line?  I had everyone calling me this morning still going on and on about the meatloat!!  I also paired it with some blue cheese stuffed in the middle of the meatloaf.  Wish I could enter a recipe contest!    🙂

Kathy Uebel Palatine, IL


Yum, yum. Hurry. Ate all my grandmother’s little jars and she doesn’t know.

Cecelia Blue


I’m wondering if your  Olive Muffalata is available at Costco or Whole Foods in the Wellington, FL area. The Olive Muffalata and cream cheese dip is always a big hit.  Thank you,

Charlene Halgren Union, IL


I tried your product when I visited Florida recently and am having Mr. Pickle Muffalata withdrawl.  Will the Costco in our area be carrying your product?

PS:  We mixed your muffalata in Kirkland Goat Cheese and make a very festive and delicious holiday appetizer.

Doris Jones – Albuquerque, NM


Great. Thanks for your response Greg. We love your Muffalatta, we first got hooked when we tasted at Costco. We’ve taken it tailgating and at family gatherings and everyone loves it.  So I thought it would be a great gift for my brother and sister.

Chris Newton


Thanks for this quick response regarding your product being gluten Free and Tree Nut free. You gave just the right answer too … chuckle. I’ll be picking up a few bottles of the Classic version today.

Sincerely, J Maly


Hi Greg, Wow! I am impressed with your thoughtful response. Thank you. Now I’m hungry-on my way to get crackers, cream cheese and Muffalata! I will promote your product to others. My sister happened to taste it at a Costco tasting station and she bought it too. That is an effective marketing method.

Debbie Perron


LOVE the Olive Muffalata product, Eating some now!

Lucy Sparies  Northbrook, IL


LOVE YOUR GIARDINIERA!! Hi… I just want to say your giardinieras are amazing. Ever since I found it at Whole Foods a few years ago in Chicago, I’ve been a fan. I’ve gifted many jars of pickles to friends and family from out of state to overseas. They all love it. I’ve moved to Los Angeles recently and am going to order some on your website. Thank you and please do not stop making pickles!

Hwa Kim


I have ordered from you in the past and I know that you don’t normally like to ship pickles, but we did it a few months ago and the pickles arrived in excellent condition and my family loved them and are asking for more.  In particular I would like to order the spicy and hot ones.  Please feel free to email or call me so I can get more.

Thank you. Paul Roberts


Hi, my store, The Magnolia Room, in Marietta Georgia, would be a great place for Muffalata! I am interested in both 8 and 16oz.  We sell olive oils, balsamic , jams, honey, and other gourmet foods. How can I order from you?

Thanks, Carol Westbrook , owner magnoliaroomantiques.com


We love the spicy muffalata. We discovered it at the Ft. Myers Costco. Can you persuade them to stock it?

Connie Holzinger


Hello, Love all your products and I know your website does not offer shipment but the US.. But would it be possible to have a special shipment to Montreal, Canada (quebec)?

Anxiously awaiting – Tarek


Thanks Greg for the follow up and information! We have heard WONDERFUL things about your Classic Olive Muffalata. So we ran to Costco in Naples, FL after receiving your response top buy a jar. It is as DELICIOUS as we heard and we are so excited we can buy it.

Thanks, Judy and Sam Merritt  Naples, FL


I live in Sweden and so far I haven’t seen your wonderful classic olive muffalata anywhere in this country! So my question is: are you or are you planning on exporting the stuff to Sweden or Scandinavia or maybe Europe. The stuff is addictive, which I probably don’t have to tell you 🙂

Best regards, Kent Erik Hytter  Borlänge, Sweden


Greg–Thanks for the quick and helpful answer.  I couldn’t tell from your website if the Whole Foods carried your spicy products, but a logical suggestion that they could order it in!And, I can relate regarding the shipping costs – I remember being totally surprised at how much it cost to send a ‘care package’ to my kids when they were in college!! Appreciate your time to respond and love your products!

Judy Ruf


Seems like about once a year, your spicy olive muffalata is available at Costco on a designated weekend. Will that be happening this fall?  I am afraid I might have already missed it!! Any spicy olive muffalata available in the St. Louis metropolitan area?

Thank you in advance for your response, Judy Ruf


Do you sell this Olive Muffalata product in grocery stores? Thank you It is delicious

Arlene Adamick


Yay!!!  Found your muffalata at the Costco in Greenville, SC!  I’m a transplant from the Chicago area (Naperville) and my family is addicted to your products.  Happy to find it closer to home!  Now we need to get your spicy muffalata here, as well as your spicy dill pickles, and then I can stop having to order online! Even better if we can get your products into Trader Joe’s or Sam’s club in Columbia, SC!!!

Lindsay Ross


Where can I purchase in Orlando?  I bought it originally at Costco in Winter Park, FL near I live, but they haven’t had it there since!  And I also went to our Whole Foods in Winter Park and they didn’t have it either.  Is there anywhere locally I can purchase the Olive Muffalata spread??

Thanks, Rona  Orlando, FL


Your product is delicious, I purchased a few last year by Costco in Miami Beach Florida when I was on vacation. Now I cannot find it anywhere ( I live in Monsey, NY) so could you please tell me where I can find it? I am looking for the regular and spicy. Thank you

Rhonda Soofian  Monsey, NY


I got one jar when from Costco when you were on the “road show”.  Good and bad is that there isn’t much left… I just placed an order online.

Thanks!! Brian Ribaric


Where is your New Orleans Style Olive Muffalata available in Orlando, FL (32817)? You have the BEST Olive Muffalata and I need more to use for our Tulane Green Wave game this Saturday. Let me know otherwise I will have it shipped.

Thanks, Toby Orlando, FL


I buy your muffalata in Costco when we visit our daughter in Des Plaines. I’ve brought it home to friends here in Connecticut and now I have two more families that LOVE it. Can you please bring it to the Costco in Milford, Connecticut. 🙂 P.S. one of the CT friends showed her brother the Mufalatta on Face Book and now he wants it. He lives in Bath, England!

Thanks, Ginny DeMeola


My cousin in Illinois has some of you Olive Muffalata All Natural.  It was as good as the muffalata I had in at the Blow Fly Restaurant near Biloxi Miss.  I can not find it here in the Upper Peninsula  of Michigan.  Could you send me the cost of this 24oz jar and can I send a money order.  I can think of a few other ways to use it.  It is delicious.  Thank You.

God Bless Judy


Great service…Product arrived. You guys are Awesome.. Thanks for making the Best Giardinera & Muffalata products ever!!!!!

Bernie Morie  Tinley Park, IL


Good afternoon, First I’d like to say that I love your olive muffalata and have been purchasing for years. We just moved to Ohio, can I find your product in any retail locations? Thank you and I appreciate your help,

Amy Oliver Cleveland, OH


Is the Olive Muffalata being picked up by Costco? I don’t see it at my warehouse. I’m at the bottom of the jar 🙁

Irene  Jacksonville, FL


We moved from Chicago last year and miss and love the olive muffalata realish. I now live near Austin TX. Is there any place here in central TX that is a distributor of your products? I did not see it at Whole Foods last time I was in, but I may have just not looked in the right place.

Karen Stateczny


I purchased 3 jars of the spicy olive muffalata and I’m almost empty!!!  We purchased them at Costco in Ft Myers, FL and I would like to know if you have any plans on your calendar to come back and if not, were would be the closes location I NEED to purchase some more?

Thank you, Diane Linden


I own Booneville Shopwise in Booneville KY. I had the chance to try you wonderful Olive Muffalata product and would love to offer it to my customers. I would love to try a case on my shelf.  Can this product be shipped in?

Thanks, Bart  Patton Inv. LLC


Where can I buy your products in a retail store in the Chicago area? I first tried your muffalatta at Costcos in Atlanta. I know live in the Pittsburgh area and the Costcos in Pittsburgh don’t sell your products. Please help? I know I can buy it online from you but I am traveling thru Chicago and want to buy them locally there.

I need my fix!!! Richard Odum  Pittsburgh, PA


Is the Muffalata still at Costco any more? Also we like to say “We like alotta muffalata”

Libby Phillips Hill


Hello, We love your spicy muffalata ! I intended to purchase online, but didn’t want to pay the $$$ freight. I called and since I live in the burbs I was able to buy it from Whole Foods. Thanks for taking the time to help me buy it at retail. Just wanted to tell you your supreme customer service was totally awesome!

Thank you, Valerie Palatine, IL


Hello pickle guy,  I just wanted to let you know that I have introduced 3 different family’s to you Muaffalata product it’s so good there hasn’t been one person I have given it to that hasn’t loved it on foods or as a dip. I have never seen the spicy one is that new?

Thanks, Your Fan.  Jason Ralson


Thanks for your help! I just spoke with someone and gave her my address so we should be all set. Also, I would like to share that my husband and I LOVE your minced hot giardiniere, and so do our friends. My husband and I were just in OR and stayed with a friend, and we promised we would send him our fave giardiniere, since he just moved there from Chicago and can’t get it at all there. He’s so excited! Great product!

Thanks! Julie Kuchenbecker


HI! I called right after I submitted this order this morning, since I need to send it somewhere else, and the person on the phone said that he would make sure you updated the delivery info before sending. I just wanted to thank you for taking such care… my product/order arrived perfectly….

Thanks! Scott Halpin  Seattle, WA


Just received my order of Giardinera and Muffalata..Soo Excited…You are so efficient!  I had no idea it would ship so fast. Wahooo!!!

Thank you, Jackie Baker Phoenix, AZ


Our family enjoys your product, and appreciates that they are certified kosher.

Bonnie Cohen – Skokie, IL


Hello,First, I want to let you know how amazing I think your product is!! I have been using it in various recipe’s (it’s my secret…shhhhhh) and people fall in love instantly. Please contact me as i would like to inquire about purchasing for my clients

Thank you for your time!! Salimatu


Please contact me, I would like to purchase a product: Olive muffalata classic. I live in Quebec Canada. I tried to place an order on your site but shipping to Canada does’nt work. How can I proceed, I live near Swanton Vermont, about 15 miles, do you have a dealer in that area? I love that Olive Muffalata!!

Best regard’s, Louis Rousseau.


absolutely LOVE the hot/chunky Giardiniera product. My Favorite by far. Keep up the great work!

Jason – Chicago, IL


Talked to you guys in person and I received everything from my order – thank you. Now we already wish for more so I need to order the spicy garden stuff yummy!!!

Susie Walker


i live near memphis, in north mississippi. your mufuletta olive salad is outstanding, and it’s almost gone! i have no idea where we bought it. where can we buy some more? costco s.e. memphis?  (can’t find it there.)whole foods memphis? where?

tom harrison


Greg- Thank you for getting back to me regarding that your product does not have sodium benzoate & calcium chloride. My husband bought a different brand of muffalata & it was loaded with sodium benzoate & calcium chloride as preservatives.

I Love yours and so happy I am going to stay with yours 🙂

Have a good day!  Joyce


Hello! Last weekend, my friends and I devoured your spicy Olive Muffalata, it is absolutely delicious!   We thought of so many things it would be good on, the ideas just kept coming….and we are telling everyone how great it is!   I purchased it at Costco,  but would also like to know if there are other distributions within my zip code which is 32082.  This is such an amazing product and I can’t wait to get more!!

Thank you! Brenda Loveland


I have been buying your classic muffalata for about the last year or so. We absolutely love it!

Joyce Madison, WI


Just received my order!!!AWESOME  wish you could get this product into Publix ??  Any thoughts on getting in grocery stores?  Love your products.

Best regards,  Linda Tyler


OK Please contact me, I would like to purchase a product–OK We are hooked on the mild muffalata that we purchased at Costco/Sarasota a few months ago.  Arriving at the bottom of our 3rd jar, we are beginning to panic!!Any return engagements planned? if not we will buy online!

Wayne R. Dubbs


At one time, I could find this product at our local Costco (Hoover, Alabama). I can no longer find it there. Please let me know if you plan to make it available at this Costco again.

We LOVE it!

Martha Reeves Cook   Vestavia Hills, AL 35216


Hi! I would like to place an order but I’m not really sure what the difference is between the classic muffalata and the mild muffalata. I sampled, bought, and fell in love with one of them at a Costco in Jacksonville. I’m thinking they had samples of the mild and spicy but I’m not positive. Hoping that we’ll see these in grocery stores soon! Contacting my local Publix to see if they will order it as well.

Thank you, Jennifer  Jacksonville, FL


Hi, We tried your Olive Muffalata at a Costco store in Florida and just loved it. But we live in Ottawa, Canada, and so far can’t find it here at our local Costco. We were wondering if there is anywhere we can buy it here. We have served it to our friends and they all love it too so we are all hoping it will be available at our Costco or somewhere in our area. Please advise.

Thank you, June Salhany


I we LOVE your olive muffalata – first sampled in Atlanta at CostcoWould like to have (2) Classic Olive Muffalata – 24 oz  (2) Spicy Olive Muffalata  – 24 oz  So that is (4) x $9.99 plus shipping. Please call so this can ship:

Linda Tyler  Atlanta, GA  30319


I purchased a bottle of your olive muffalata spread and everyone I know is now addicted to it. I went back to Costco and they said that it was only available for that particular road show event.

How can or where can we purchase more?We live in Clearwater, Fl. I look forward to your response.

Thank you, Alisa Lorello  Clearwater, FL


I’m writing from Longwood, FL, north of Orlando, where I sampled the classic olive muffalata at Costco on SR 434 in Altamonte Springs, FL.  I bought a jar to see if he liked it.  He loves it. Will it be coming back to Costco?  If not, I’d like to order 4 jars; Can you let me know the cost for 4 or are there 6 in a case?  Please advise. Thank you very much.  Hurry, Please.  The jar is empty as of lunch today.

Barbara Grossman  PS — do you ship to North Carolina?


Hello there! First of all let me start by saying we love your product – Olive Muffalata! It was given to us as a gift and now want more.  Unfortunately your product is not available in our area, at least we have not been able to find it – in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan –  and would like to know if you can call us so we can manually place an order. We will be waiting for a response.

Thank you,  Scott and Paula Franti


OMG, it’s so delicious. ? I can’t stop eating the classic olive muffalata.  Is it coming back to costco

The Oren Family


I’m almost out of the Muffalata that I bought at Costco in Atlanta when you were here a few weeks ago. I’m calling your telephone line…  Need Muffalata..!!!

John Roberts  Senior National Correspondent  Fox News Channel


HELP!!! We accidentally ate most of my brothers jar visiting in Sarasota, FL! Looks like they must have purchased at Costco in January huh? We need to get more but I don’t see any other locations.

Chris Cambell


Sure hope Costco is going to bring you folks in permanently!  I tried your muffalatto at a recent Costco road show in Palm Beach Gardens and fell in love.  I went back to the store and bought four more bottles, one of which was for a guy in the office that fell in love with the muffalatto sandwich in New Orleans.  He said yours is the best he has ever had outside N.O.

I only have one bottle left, starting to panic!

Love It, Nancy Polsinelli


I am interested in purchasing some jars of your Classic Olive Muffalata.  I purchased some at a road show at Costco in Atlanta. I love this stuff and need to make it a staple.  I would love to know if you sell it anywhere in Atlanta. If not, then I need to order some.  Please let me know the cost. I would also like to know how long it lasts open. and in the refrigerator.

Thanks, Debra Wathen


We saw your guys at the Costco in Dunwoody – just outside Atlanta last week and bought a jar of mild Muffalata.  It’s almost gone, so I went back to Costco today.  No muffalata.  Boo Hoo…

We want to order some more..!  We want mild and spicy this time..!!!!! What do we need to do to satisfy our muffalata jones????

Thanks, John and Kyra


Good Morning, My name is Mollie Johnson. I was in Costco’s in Tallahassee, Fl. a few weeks ago. I was able to purchase some of the above product and shared with a Coffee/sandwich Shop in our Town. They went to Costco too and are now selling the Muffaleta’s like crazy and need more product ASAP. I love your product and I am hoping you will call them for the order soon. I want to continue to use it on my Muffaleta. Thank you,

Mollie Johnson


Please contact me, I would like to purchase a 4 pack Olive Muffalata. Tried a jar from Costco and I am addicted. Need (2) 16 oz Olive Mufflata Spicy (1) 16 oz Olive Muffalata Classic (1) 16 oz  Chicago Style Giardiniera Mild Minced Cut. Let me know & Thanks!

Jeff Carr


Please contact me, I want …no I need  to purchase  your TPG 24 oz New Orfeans Style Olive Muffalata Classic.  My zip code is 37214. (Altamonte Springs FL).  You can call me up to 9:00 pm EST

Thank you, Judith Kaplan


We just purchased the classic olive muffalata  at Costco over the weekend.  We just wanted to tell you it is outstanding. We love it. The gentleman giving out samples was so nice too. Just wondering if this will be an ongoing item at Costco because we can’t get enough of it!

Anna Peterman


Just wanted to thank you for appearing at Costco in Sarasota! There was a great crowd there and lots of excitement. We bought the Muffalata olive mix and we are hooked! Unfortunately we are running out and we are searching every day at our local Costco for it to appear once again there. We use it in many recipes and a day doesn’t go by where we don’t use it somehow. We will be ordering online to replenish in the mean time. As we are originally from the Gurnee/Waukegan area we look forward to finding you at the farmer’s markets up there on the north side whenever we make it back up north to visit. Thanks again for a great product!! Regards.

Gary and Kathy Wells  Sarasota, Fl 34238


Bought some of your Olive Muffalata at Costco in Sarasota, FL and would like to get more, lots more.  Tell where I can get this product. It is wonderful!!!

Veronica Hubbard  Sarasota, FL 34238


I tasted and purchased a bottle at Costco, and now we need more right away! Can you tell me the difference between the Classic and the New Orleans Mild?Thank you,

Kerry Florida


Hi… I FOUND YOU!!! My name is Jo Ann Ruffolo and my company is Truffolo’s!  I was in the Costco in Boca Raton, FL and bought 2 of your wonderful products.  The spicy Olive Muffalata and the Mild. I thought you’re products would be there all the time, but much to my disappointment, they were not but now that I found you on line, so I am placing an order. I have a resale license for Florida but I don’t know if it would pertain to Illinois.  By the way, I’m a native of Chicago….born and raised!  Lived in the city for many years.  My website is www.truffolos.com  Please check me out.

You have no idea how happy I am!  Your product is the best!

Sincerely, Jo Ann Ruffolo “The Big Cheese” Truffolo’s LLC


We would like to know where can we purchase your delicious Olive muffalata (classic) in Montréal or close. We are presently in Florida and don’t find a retailer, can you help? Thank you

Christine Vaive


We bought a jar at the Costco in Davie two / three weeks ago not knowing how we would use it, and discovered if you took the pita chips, hummus, and Olive Muffalata it was a great appetizer. Thank you

Kathy Dolan


Also are your products going to be in costco at any more FL locations in the near future? I love the olive muffalata and would like to purchase. Thanks,

Gina Craparo


Hi,  we purchased your muffalatta at costco in Lantana, Fl recently and now can’t find it!  Is it going to be there regularly, or was that a one time tease?

Tim Lantana, FL


Hello, I just wanted to let you now that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!  I also love that it has no MSG, dairy free, gluten free, etc. Thank you so much!! You guys are right it is great on everything

Jenna Smyth  Westmont, IL


Hi Greg, my name is Ann Gow and I live here in Minneapolis Minnesota and can’t seem to find your spicy muffuletta any where!! I purchased it at Costco a couple years ago and also bought a bunch for gifts for friends. Can you help me out by emailing me where I can purchase this product here in Mn? I’ve got a lot of friends asking for it up in this cold part of Mn.

Thank you, Ann  Minneapolis, MN


I tried your product  “Olive Muffalata” at Cosco in North Miami Beach, I love it !!!!!!! But I can’t find it anymore, please talk to them as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

Ines Miami, FL


I bought your product  “Muffalata classic” at Costco in Florida on Biscayne at a demonstration,  but they do not  seem to have it anymore?? When will it be in the store or will you ship to Toronto, Canada? I love the product and I am returning to Canada  around the 20th of March……disappointed that I can’t find it to take some home. Does the Whole Foods on Biscayne in Aventura carry this?Hope you can help me!!!

Elayne Wortsman  Toronto, Canada


Hey guys, Bought your great product at Costco in Clearwater, FL in early Feb 2014.  Went back yesterday and they had none…When I asked they just knew they were out of stockand didn’t know if more was on the way. Can you help? Thanks

Lou Mautone  Tierra Verde, FL 


I tasted your product and it is wonderfull. Why don’t you sell in Palm Beach County Florida. My coworker gave me a sample and she said she purchased at Costco. Why don’t you demonstrate in Sam’s Club. I did mention your product at the information counter. It would be great. I would even sell your products if I knew how to go about it.

Josephine Testa  Lake Worth, FL


Ur stuff is absoltlely Delicious…QUESTION DO u sell it in canada already – Costco is in Canada ? – I picked first jar of olive muffalata in USA and wanting more… God bless

Jennifer Ontario Canada


I am on my way to So. Fla.  Your mufalatta is great, eating it with every meal love it.. is in Costco or whole food market in Aventura or North Miami Beach? If not I am ordering on line

Dr. Richard Kerwin, MD


Dear Greg:  It was such a pleasure speaking with Kristen about your great product, Olive Muffalata.  I explained to her that I bought two bottles after enjoying your tasting session at COSTCO in Davie, Florida.  I took one bottle to a party I had to attend that very night and my friend sent me a text the following day saying that the Olive Muffalta was sooooooooo good.

I would really like to see this product enjoyed by many more people and I am willing to help you with the marketing.  I have told my friends, family and co-workers about it. Sincerely.

Carol Marsh-Urquhart Davie FL

Hi Greg, Enjoyed chatting with you, below is the sandwich i just enjoyed…your stuff is the best! Best of Luck!

Brotha muffalata sand

 Mike Russell – Wellington FL


I purchased a jar of your olive muffuletta at Costco in January when your reps were at Costco and LOVED it. I have gone back to Costco in Naples twice now looking for it and can’t find it there. Can you tell me where I can get it around here? Thanks!

Wayne Naples, FL


We got a sample of Spicy Olive Muffalata and bought some at Costco during an in store demo about six weeks ago at Costco in Clearwater, FL.  Two trips back since then and none in stock.  Is this Costco going to stock this product? Need More!!! Thanks.

John Turley


Greg, I am from MN and found your hot mufalatta at a Costco a few months ago. Liked it so much that I went back the next week only to find it gone. Rationed my only bottle like a miser thereafter.

Last month saw the mild mufalatta back in Costco but not the hot one. The Costco folks didn’t know why the hot was not there. Do something please and send the hot stuff to MN. Thanks!

Shiv Bhatia


the samples given out at Costco, Ft. Myers, Florida a couple of weeks ago. I bought one 24 oz. bottle of the classic. I assumed  that it was a product that they were going to sell. Oooops. Are there any stores in the Ft. myers area  to get your product? Sincerely,

Rob Hill – Fort Myers FL


Hello, I am opening a restuarant in Maryland and I am interested in serving the BEST Chicago Style Giardiniera… That Pickle Guy!!! Please contact me.Thank you!

Sina Soumekhian


Hi there! I’d like to purchase your classic olive muffalata. I tasted this product on a recent visit to Minneapolis and was instantly hooked! I was so disappointed to find out your products aren’t sold in LA!

Michall Liss  LA, CA 90068


Hello! We love your classic Muffaletta spread and over the years, it has found its way into several of our foods.  Recently, one of our favorite uses is adding it to steamed spinach or other steamed greens.  It is so simple and so flavorful!  I mentioned it to friends who also purchase your spread and they had never thought of using it that way and they love it too!

We just steam the greens and then toss in a few tablespoons of the spread and viola! Another one of our favorite uses is when we cook fish in parchment paper.  Just about any fish will work, including grouper.  Just put the fillet on a square of parchment and top with 1-2 TSP of Muffaletta spread.  Seal the pouch as you would with any parchment cooking and place on a cookie sheet or in a pan.  I usually bake in a 400 degree oven for 15 min.   Delicious!

I just wanted to let you know how much we love your product and how we like to use it in our everyday lives!

Mary Johnson  Lakeville, MN


We love your olive muffalata!  We crave your olive muffalata!  But….. we can’t  GET it anymore at the Costco in Atlanta.  What a cruel trick to introduce us to your great products and then leave us without them.  Do you plan to come back to Georgia with your products?

Susan Silverman


I would love to place an order, as a chicago resident now living out east I am having serious that pickle guy Giardineira and Pickle withdrawals. I cannot order Spicy Crunch pickles on line so please email me so i can get back in stock!

Joe Calvello Amherst, MA


I live in Romeoville, IL work in Downers Grove.   Ran out of spicy mooffallata.  Im addicted… I went to Whole Foods Hinsdale and they were out! Please help! Thanks.

Mary Murphy-Wasiqi


Hi There: I am a big fan of your products and wanted to know if and or when you would be in the Atlanta market?Thank you!

Ellen Hoy


Hello, I am running dangerously low on That Pickle Guy Muffalata. Do you have any retail locations in NJ. If not i will order online. Please let me know – Thanks

Dan Segal – Highland Park, NJ 08904


Hi – I received a gift of Classic Olive Muffalata & Mild Classic Olive Muffalata. I love your Muffalata! Thank you for your time and Have a day great :)

Julius Baker Jr – Lombard, IL 60148


Hello,I purchased a 24 oz of Classic Muffalata mix about 6-8 months ago either in the Lower New York, Connecticut  or Wilmington North Carolina.  I can NOT remember where, however, now that I have opened the jar, I am addicted and would like to know where you distribute this wonderful Classic Muffalata mix.  I live in Westchester County, in New York and very close to Greenwich Ct.
Please let me know who carries your products in or around this area. Thank you so very much for this information. Sincerely yours,

Ann Charmak

Hello Greg, My husband and I recently purchased a few bottles of the spicy muffalata at our local Costco.  The spicy classic is not sold there, but there was a kiosk set up offering it.  WOW!!!!  We are believers… We will be ordering more. soon. My Best to You and the “biz”,

Deb Kalajian


Thankx Greg, I just tried your products at Findley market in Cincinnati and was blown away..awesome stuff!!

Jeff Adler


Today I went to Costco on my lunch break and noticed a free sample of your Olive Muffalata and Cream Cheese on a light cracker. I must say it is the best tasting product I have ever tasted at Costco. I bought a jar and can’t wait to try it when I get home. Thank you



I’ve been looking everywhere to buy the Olive Muffalata product for my Husband.   He tried it when we were visiting family out of town and it doesn’t appear to be in any stores near us…. so glad to have found it online. Thank you!

Allison Keesen- Muskegon, MI


Hello.  We love your product and have purchased it at Costco.  It is awesome served with…well EVERYTHING. Thanks!

Larry Fauver


Hello,I was just wondering if you have any plans of considering Arizona to sell your products?  I would love to see you at our San Tan Village Costco.  I love Olive Muffalata. My friend in Ohio has told us about you and would love to see you here in Arizona. Thanks so much for all your time.Thanks again.

Michele OConnell – Gilbert, Arizona


I really love your garlic spears and relish I purchased at a farmers market. Looked for them at Sunset Foods in Long Grove and Whole Foods in Deerfield with no luck. I talked to the managers even and they said they carry your pickles. What’s up? Thanks,



I would like a case of the 16oz jars of the Chicago Style Giardiniera Traditional “Chunky” Cut…cause I can’t live without it! But I would also like to try a jar of Hot Crunch and Spicy Crunch pickles and I am not sure if I can add these, if so how much shipping would be.

Rob Yeichner – Frisco, TX  75035


Hello,I purchased, 10 HOT chunky giardiniera, 3 minced HOT giardiniera, and 1 MILD olive mufflata.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your prompt shipping and all the products are AWESOME! Thanks

Lalitha Kavuri – Augusta, Georgia.


Please contact me, I would like to purchase a product. (4 pack) – 16 oz  mild Olive Muffalata.  Love your product.  Can’t find it local.

Rebecca Chilcote, Wilmington, NC


Customer Service, I bought Spicy Muffalata 24oz. at Costco last weekend during a “taste test” .  It was fabulous and my wife and I polished off the jar in three days.  I went back to the store for more, intending to buy 2 more jars…………no inventory.  They had a few Mild jars, but no spicy version.  Typical Costco, Eden Prairie, MN.  They always do this to us.  Their explanation was that they only carried your product for the tasting day and that’s it. I would like to buy 6 each and I am wondering if you can offer a special price of $60 total with shipping. If so I will be a faithful mail order customer…Can you do it?

David B.  Mpls., metro area.


Greetings, About 2 months ago I bought the 24oz spicy muffaletta at a Costo here in Indianapolis after they were giving samples.  It is scrumptious and a great hit at my parties.  Everyone wants some!   However, Costco apparently is only distributing the ORIGINAL (which I have not tasted but Im sure is good)!!  Do you know if you will be distributing the spicy?  Id love to give for gifts this year at Christmas and cant beat the price of 7.99 and no shipping!  Please advise!Thanks,

Michelle Simandle


Just tried the Minced Giardinera… AWESOME product, love it!

Jacqueline Baugh


Hi, I would like to send your Garlic Pickles to someone in Maine. What is the best way to ship the product to them since this is a refrigerated item? How come you do not sell the pickles on your website? By the way, you make the best Giardiniera on the planet!!!

Stephanie Bieniek


i really really love your spicy pickles but i now live in midland texas and cant find them. pls pls pls let me know how i can get fix*twitch*.

nacho rodriquez


Hi-Just placed an order for some hot G.  Can I change my order of three jars to a half gallon please? Thanks,



Hi, I really enjoy your muffalata.  I’m concerned about the soybean oil, however.  I avoid soy, because it is GMO.  Is your soy GMO?Thank you,

Mary Beth (Wheaton, IL)


We really like the olive muffalata but we can’t buy it here in Pittsburgh. We bought it at Costco in Columbus  Ohio where our daughter lives. Please put it in the Pittsburgh stores like Costco or Whole Foods. so we can get it there. Thanks for your time. Keep up the great work.

Mike Pachulski


I would like to purchase more Olive Muffalata in the Denver/Ft Collins area.  Anyone carrying this product in this area.  I live in Cheyenne, WY and don’t know of anyone carrying the product here, but anything would be great….  Love the product…Thank you,

Ebed M. Spettigue (Becky)


My son is the Rabbi of the Orthodox Synagogue in Toledo. While there we picked up a jar of Muffalata in Costco. Took it home and loved it. Now it is almost gone. Can’t find it in NY. We expect to be in Toledo in a month, and will be sure to get more. But do you have any outlets in New York?

Jeff Bienenfeld, Merrick, LI


I bought some Olive Muffalata from either BJ’s or Costco a few months ago and LOVED it but now it’s no where to be found.  Did you accidentally send it to North Carolina or can I still get it here in the south?   I must have more!

Lori Bare


Can you tell me, if I purchase a half gallon jar, if it loses storage time vs. individual 16-ounce jars?  I am seriously addicted to this stuff (particularly tasty with hummus), but I’d sacrifice getting 16 ounces free for shelf life if there’s a big difference.  I’d say that as much as I eat this stuff, it looks like my previous four jars lasted a few months . . . Thanks!

Randi Kuhl


Greg, can you please tell me WHY, OH WHY did my local Costco in Huntsville, Al. stop carrying the muffuletta?!! It was my husband’s favorite addition to a lot of foods. I loved it too but I tried to not eat it so he would always have it. When he ran out, I went to get him more. They told me that they rotated out. I just don’t understand why they quit selling such an awesome product. I know I can order it online, but I hate ordering on-line. Do you know if anyone else who sells it near the Huntsville area?Thanks,

Jennifer Childers


Oh my gosh, you’re going to be selling it at Cosco just in time for my birthday!  I bought a bunch from you during a road show at Cosco. I have been trying all different brands, but yours is the best!  My mouth waters just thinking about it.  It is my favorite snack on crackers.  (Sometimes, I just have a spoonful plain!). I love the super hot spicy Olive Muffalata!  I will be a good customer and am happy to see a few more stores I can go to for my fix!Yeah!

An Italian from the Midwest


Hello Greg, My name is Andrew Jensen and I’ve been purchasing your Classic Olive Muffalata for my Mother Kathleen Jensen for the past few months.  We normally order 6 24oz jars at a time, but last month we ordered 8 and sent 2 to a friend.  We enjoy your product. However, 1 of the 8 jars, from last month seemed to be the Spicy product instead of the Classic Olive Muffalata, I suspect that someone put Spicy Olive Muffalata in the jar, by accident. Needless to say, we were not a fan of the spicy variety as my family is sensitive to spicy foods.  However, our family has decided to order 6 more jars of the Classic Olive Muffalata.  I just wanted you to know, We enjoy your product, but we do not want the Spicy.  We just put-in this month’s order for 6 more jars of the Classic Olive Muffalata via your On-line store.  Your Classic New Orleans Olive Muffalata is an excellent product.  I hope you don’t change a thing, and I hope there will be no more mix-ups with the product. Sincerely,

Andrew Jensen


Hi, Greg: I placed an order on Google Checkout.Anyway, I ate the olive MUFFALATA out of the jar and now it’s all gone. So, I am ordering more since we can’t get your products in California – yet..Thank you for making me a MUFFALATA  addict—

Jutta-Ingrid Beymer


hi, just came back to Dubai from States and had the muffalata there and loved it. Just to ask if it’s available here in Dubai also???How can I buy it??? if yes, please tell me the name of the shop??? if not, why can’t you start exporting the product to Dubai??? Arab loves olives and pickles and salads.

Imama Qayyum


You guys have the best Pepperoncini not to mention fresh pickles. I just ordered a case of Pepperoni peppers.

Colin Klimek


Hi, my name is Dale. I was in Wilmington, NC last summer and my friend introduced me to your muffaletta.  Since than I have been enjoying it and even shared it (sparingly) with others.  I also have bought your Giardiniera while visiting family at the Whole Foods, in Hinsdale, IL. I must tell you, myself and my son and quite a few of my friends really enjoy your products.



I ate the olive Muffalata Right out of the jar. MORE!!! Where in California can I buy more??? We live in Angels Camp, near Modesto, Stockton…Can’t wait to hear from you.Thanks!

Jutta-Ingrid Beymer


I got some spicy muffalata at my local Costco in Lenexa Kansas, wonderful. Do you know if they’re going to carry it or if you’re coming here for another Costco event?

Neala Burnett


We personally love your product!  I think my italian husband cannot live without the hot chunky giardiniera.  His mom in South Italy makes it every summer, and he claims that yours rivals her recipe.    I may have to buy the half gallon size for him, we go through an 8 oz. one every week ;-) Kind Regards,

Alison Smith – Owner Famiglia Madaro


I’ve been enjoying your muffalata and giardinaria for years.  I didn’t know you made fresh pickles and I bought your garlic crunch pickles and had almost finished the entire jar on my drive back to Chicago!  WOW! Still looking for the socks your pickles knocked off!

Libby Thompson


Yes Greg… there is heaven on earth! I came across your Spicy Olive Muffalata at the Costco near River Woods IL, a few months back. I have used it in omelets ,split pea soup, pizza , grilled salmon steak, it is the quinesstinal condiment on hot dogs, hambugers ,hummos   etc etc . My wife who normally doesn’t like real spicy food loves it also. Its flavor melds so well with almost every recipe I like to cook with that calls for some “exotic heat” .

I ‘ve even reccomneded this to my patients who are gluten free diets. And what’s also great is it is KOSHER!! I should have bought several cases!!!!  I only bought two 24 oz bottles! So now I am on my way back to Costco! Sincerely

David Zeiger


Hi Pickle Guy! My husband and I absolutely love your olive muffalata!  I am a major foodie and have a recipe blog.  Thought you would be interested to read about the shout-out I gave to your muffalata in my latest posting.  :-)


A Big Fan, Fran (and Roger) Holmstrom St. Charles, IL


L uv the classic olive muffalata  where can I get this and do you ship to Canada Thank you

Diana Belanger


Hello. I was purchasing your olive muffalata at my local Costco stores (Orlando, FL area)… I am a very big fan. Alas…Costco has not had it in stock for months (having withdrawls). Do you know if they will be stocking it again? Or if there is another supplier in the Orlando, FL area? I realize I can purchase it online, but shipping is more expensive than buying direct. Many thanks,

Kelli Muddle
aka Girl crazy for Olive Muffalata


Hey I just bought 3 jars of the classic muffalata.  (and other stuff of course) Please send me a tracking # so I can be prepared with my spoon… Better than eating ice cream from the carton …

Ann Pagnotta


Where can I buy it in the Quad Cities area!  Got some as a gift and absolutly love it.



I was wondering (and hoping) if you are going to put more of the spicy muffaletta into kansas city area costcos. It is really good.!thanks for sampling it at costco!

Mike Menhen


You guys effing ROCK!

Can I buy this stuff by the barrel?I have referred you to several of my heat-lovin’ friends and they buy form you as well. I just ordered 3 – 24oz. SPICY muffalata (My order is under Kirk Berry) This is my second order from you, expect more in the future..

Oh, you think you guys can hook me up with a 3xl t-shirt? I’m in a touring band and I love to wear “mom&pop” business t-shirts on stage.You can check my band out here: www.followthenewguilt.com We are the #1 rated rock band in Indianapolis. ~

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler! ~ Kirk


Hi – I just ordered a 6 jars of the Chicago Style Hot Giardiniera.  My kids eat it straight out of the jar and on everything.  Last time my daughter ordered it – now it’s my turn.  :)

Bob Davies


Yesterday, I ordered two 24 oz. jars of the New Orleans Classic style.  I am wondering if that is the mild or spicy when you refer to classic.  When I was in Chicago, I had the mild from Costco’s and was crazy about it. Please let me know cause I am am not a spicy girl.  Any chance you might sell these olives to the Costco in King of Prussia, PA? Love your stuff!

Teresita Farber


We bought the Olive Muffalata at our local Costco here in Kennesaw, ga. It wasn’t able to find it on the shelf for a long time, so wondering where or how I might be able to purchase as we have to have some. Thanks for your help!

Connie Tomas


Hello – Where can I find your product classic Olive Muffalata in the Toronto area? If not would you ship and what would be the minimum number of jars. We love the Classic and purchased it at Costco in Detroit, MI while visiting our son WOW! Regards –



Hi, I just ordered a case of your Olive Muffalata with 6 mild and 6 spicy. We ABSOLUTELY love your product! Thanks

Steve Leigh


I just wanted to thank you for making the Olive Muffalata. We just re-ordered it and cannot wait for the next shipment to arrive!!!

PS…Love the product and have shared it with many of my friends, who have also purchased it!!

Ruthi Griffiths – Malone, WI  53049


Hi Pickle Guy – Your Olive Muffalata is delicious.  Thank you!!



LOVE!!! Sincerely –

Carla Reeves


We bought the Muffaletta sauce at Costco in Nashville. It was great!! Problem is our Costco no longer sells it. Where can I buy it in Nashville, TN, please?

Chris Perry


Hi! Love your products- tried them a couple of years ago at Costco, and fell in love with the spicy muffalatta, we also love the hot giardiniera. However, I noticed Costco now only carries the mild one in Orland. Are there stores in Florida that carry the Spicy olive Muffalata or Hot Giardinera? Or should I buy online? Thanks,



Hi I just wanted to share… I just found your classic olive muffalata and I love it. I am hiding it from my husband cause I know he will eat the whole jar if he finds it. =)



Hi Greg – Your recipes look good, and I have created one I think you’ll love.  You may use it on your Website as long as I am given credit.

Doc’s Egg Salad

2 Hard-Boiled Eggs, chopped or grated medium (I use either extra-large or jumbo eggs)
1 heaping tablespoon of That Pickle Guy™ Classic Olive Muffalata
1 heaping tablespoon roasted garlic hummus (I prefer Sabra™ brand)

Mix well.  Divide among 3 or 4 toasted English muffins.
ENJOY! Regards…

Dr. Mike


We purchased your delicious Olive Muffalata from our local Costco in Clearwater Florida and fell in love with it.  Suddenly it was no longer available.  I tried requesting it be returned but to no avail. I know it is stocked in other Costco locations just not anywhere near Clearwater.  Could you please let me know WHERE I can find your products in my area?  We live 25 minutes north of Clearwater Costco in Tarpon Springs Florida.  Thank you for you great product & Please contact me so I can purchase this product!!! Thanks –

Karen Tuttle


I ate the olive Muffalata Right out of the jar. MORE!!! Where in California can I buy more??? We live in Angels Camp, near Modesto, Stockton…Can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks! Jutta-Ingrid Beymer


I got some spicy muffalata at my local Costco in Lenexa Kansas, wonderful. Do you know if they’re going to carry it or if you’re coming here for another Costco event?

Neala Burnett


We personally love your product!  I think my italian husband cannot live without the hot chunky giardiniera.  His mom in South Italy makes it every summer, and he claims that yours rivals her recipe.    I may have to buy the half gallon size for him, we go through an 8 oz. one every week 😉 Kind Regards,

Alison Smith – Owner Famiglia Madaro


I’ve been enjoying your muffalata and giardinaria for years.  I didn’t know you made fresh pickles and I bought your garlic crunch pickles and had almost finished the entire jar on my drive back to Chicago!  WOW! Still looking for the socks your pickles knocked off,

Libby Thompson


Yes Greg is there is heaven on earth ! I came across your Spicy Olive Muffalata at the Costco near River Woods IL, a few months back. I have used it in omelets ,split pea soup, pizza , grilled salmon steak, it is the quinesstinal condiment on hot dogs, hambugers ,hummos   etc etc . My wife who normally doesn’t like real spicy food loves it also. Its flavor melds so well with almost every recipe I like to cook with that calls for some “exotic heat” .

I ‘ve even reccomneded this to my patients who are gluten free diets. And what’s also great is it is KOSHER!!

I should have bought several cases!!!!  I only bought two 24 oz bottles! So now I am on my way back to Costco!

Sincerely David Zeiger


Hi Pickle Guy!

My husband and I absolutely love your olive muffalata!  I am a major foodie and have a recipe blog.  Thought you would be interested to read about the shout-out I gave to your muffalata in my latest posting.  🙂


A fan,
Fran (and Roger) Holmstrom
St. Charles, IL


L uv the classic olive muffalata  where can I get this and do you ship to Canada Thank you Diana Belanger



I was purchasing your olive muffalata at my local Costco stores (Orlando, FL area)… I am a very big fan. Alas…Costco has not had it in stock for months (having withdrawls). Do you know if they will be stocking it again? Or if there is another supplier in the Orlando, FL area? I realize I can purchase it online, but shipping is more expensive than buying direct. Many thanks,

Kelli Muddle
aka Girl crazy for Olive Muffalata


Hey I just bought 3 jars of the classic muffalata. (and other stuff of course) Please send me a tracking # so
I can be prepared with my spoon…Better than eating ice cream from the carton…

Ann Pagnotta


I am addicted to their products, and they always ship quickly!

MaryBeth Dawson


The items arrived quickly and were well packed. I usually buy at our local Winfield, IL
farmers market. Nice to be able to have a little bit of Chicago during our winter in

Gregory A. Friedman


Costco had this product for a few weeks then it was gone. Needles to say the product
is so good I had no choice but to order it directly from the website. Not disappointed.

Sean Schaffer


Great Muffalata dressing. As good as New Orleans.

Lewis Bowles


Fast, accurate delivery, and the product is the best!!!

Timothy M. Owens


I love That Pickly Guy producys! My order arrived 2 or 3 days after I placed my order, packaged safely and it’s delicious. I will order from Pickly Guy again.

Jeanne M. Eikum


Product is outstanding and checkout was a breeze.

Greg L. Williams


Shipped quickly, well packed, and this stuff is amazing. All of the products I have tried are delicious! I can’t get it locally and I was really happy to find it available online!

MaryBeth Dawson


Spicy Olive Muffalata goes well on almost anything. My order arrived on time and I recieved everything that I ordered.

Timothy M. Owens


That Pickle Guy has the best, high quality products! The shipping was fast and shipping costs very reasonable. We will definitely be customers of That Pickle Guy for a long time.

Nikki Ogden


I ordered the Mammies Mouth Watering Mardi Gras Party Pack which has two spicy and two mild olive muffalata jars. They came very well packed and it is delicious!

Danielle L. Ofshtun


Have ordered from That Pickle Guy before. Great product and great price. Always delivered as promised.

Michael G. Bell


I would recommend That Pickle Guy to a friend.

Anna Jean Lambert


10 out of 10, very easy. (Thanks Pickle Guy!)

Karen E. Houle


Excellent. Olive Muffalata was delicious – Mild & Spicy!!! Definitely recommended.

Rachel M. Bartley


Great – Got personal email welcoming me as a new customer…and awesome product.

David Deaven


All of the products were of excellent quality. I have sampled everything and recommend all of them highly.

Jeanne Wilkinson


Quick delivery. Product is delicious.

J Steve Santacruz


Really like your product and ordering it online was surprisingly easy for a non-techie like me. The flat rate shipping was also a big plus.

Don A. Chillistrom


The $9.99 flat rate shipping charge, regardless of order size was a real bargain.

Hayden Ellingham


I found them extremely helpful. Especially the shipping because I changed the shipping address after I placed the order. I love the Spicy Olive Muffalata.

Timothy M. Owens


It was easy and I’m all about easy

Theresa McPherson


Hello, My local grocery store recently started selling many of your products including Olive Muffalata.  I am not the type of girl who craves chocolate. I crave spicy and salty. I can eat that stuff out of the jar as well on everything. I have gone though several jars. It is the food of the gods and if it were not for the basic human need for proper nutrition, I would live on that stuff.   Genius~!!!! Good work, 

Anja – Minneapolis, MN


Help please! Need to replenish our supply of your delicious pickles-where can I find them-in the winter months-in the Naperville area??  Can only find the jar products–which we love too!
Can’t wait for Wagner Farms to open this summer-so we can get more pickles!!! Thanks for your help, 

Diane Vaca


I have purchased your muffalata at Costco and would like to know when you will be having another road show.  Please let me know the dates and locations.  Thank you!! 

Melinda Horel


I will get a few at produce world, but I’m waiting for your costco sale. I can get to either Niles or Glenview. Thanks.  My KIDS (13, 13, 15) demand olive muffaletta on ALL their sandwiches. 

Lois – Lois Bernstein Photography


Greg – Great news, got the package you guys shipped, thanks so much, its food of the gods!!! I WILL be back for more my friend, good luck on all your endeavors – You have a one of a kind magnificent product! Take Care my friend, talk to you soon – 

Jason Wright – Minnesota Army National Guard


Hi Pickle Guy!So I’ve been buying your spicy mufalata at Costco in Mt. Prospect for a while now. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I bought six jars to bring to my three adult children who live in Portland, OR, and really miss the availability of your product. Last night, went shopping at Costco and couldn’t find your product. A store employee told me he didn’t know if they were going to have it stocked anymore! Tell me it ain’t so! I sure hope your product is available in the future at Costco. If not, let me know where in the NW burbs I can find it, and who I can contact at Costco to complain. Be well, 

Brian Gaughan – Arlington Heights, IL


…… Love the mild muffalata.  When Costco had a food demo of your product my husband tried it–i didn’t. i was skeptical about it, never even had a giardiniera. My husband bought the mild muffalata, i placed it in the fridge and  my husband even forgot  we bought it. 1 dinner i baked a salmon, was looking through the fridge  and saw the muffalata, tried it with the fish and , my gosh—just love it and never eats a dish without it–does not even share it with my hubby( he understands).

Told my sister and aunt  about it  and they are interested on the product, told them bought it at Costco (they live in California) was this introduced there too? Anyway, i wanted to know if your product is still at Costco (lives here in the west suburbs of Illinois)’cause i have not seen it anymore. My mom lives out of the country would definitely love this. Thank you and more power on your business. sincerely,



Can you tell me what your Costco schedule is? I live in St. Charles and also frequently to to the Costco on Army Trail in Carol Stream. Thanks – and yes, I am addicted. 



Hi!!  I just ordered three 16 oz jars of the Mild Olive Muffalata (YUMMY!!!).  I am having my order shipped to my work place.  I ordered with five other work teammates.  We love your products.  Keep up the good work!  And, thank you for the reasonable shipping cost! Sincerely, 

Monica McClain


Greg, I bought the Olive Muffalata in Costco past few months ago when the demo was set up, but when I was going back (I go there every week) I could never find the stuff, unless the demo was going on!  I would tell myself I should have bought more when I could have,..so after waiting and running out of my supply I figured I would have to order some directly from you guys,..So anyway the Costco thing is just fantastic! I could eat a jar a day! I absolutely have fallin in love with the muffaleta!

Thanks for adding me to the distro! You got a life long customer here, I have never ever found or tried anything that compares to your stuff, it really is amazing! Thanks Greg! Keep making the good stuff!Always – 



Good Morning! Thank you for your follow up email so I know you got it.  :) Yes! We all love your product at my work place.  One of our co-workers that is located in the Chicago area got us started on it. I have it every weekday mixed in with my tuna salad.  Very yummy and good for me! Keep up the good work and I hope all is well in your world and you keep having successes with your business. I would love to see any updates and news about your products – thank you! Have a great week! 



Hi Greg, Do you know if you are going to have your products in Costco in Minnesota … Maplewood, Last we talked you thought it would be February … if not when, and do you have any road shows in Minnesota … schedule please… Love your products …

Lynn :)


Hello. I am a fan of your Olive Mufeletta. Delicious. We will be placing our next order online. I listened to your audio. Well done & informative. Consider doing it as a video. It would have more bite. Cool website. Your product is outstanding. Best wishes. 

Jonathan Freed


Greg, I am looking to purchase Spicy Muffaletta and Hot Chunky Giardiniera and 2 of the Spicey Olive salads.We are totally addicted and use it on about EVERYTHING we eat….YUMMY!



Greg, While in town for a family gathering, I turned my relatives from Graham, WA on to your Muffalata. Is there any chance their local Costco will be getting it or just here in IL? 



I think it was COSTCO that had a demo of your Olive Muffaletta here in Minneapolis, and I am addicted!  Where can I get it here in Minnesota? Please let me know!Thanks so much! 

Michelle Weber


Greg, Thanks for the email back. I’ll be waiting at Costco’s door the day the product comes in, I’m down to my last bottle. Used some on grilled salmon tonight, it was awesome!!!! Thanks!