That Pickle Guy Products

Olive Muffalata Mild, Classic or Spicy, Olive Salad, Giardiniera Chunky Chicago Style Mild or Hot, Giardiniera Minced Mild & Hot, Pepperoncini Peppers, Sport Peppers, Fresh Packed Pickles, Original Crunch, Garlic Crunch, Spicy Crunch and Hot Crunch

That Pickle Guy Products are handmade & hand packed fresh in our Chicago “Certified” kitchen. Our products are made the old fashioned way by using nearly extinct “Old World” small batch techniques. Our flavor comes from a rich history of family recipes that have been passed on from generations of culinary artists.


My production process begins with fresh select RAW vegetables that are individually preserved naturally. Each vegetable group is seperated and NATURALLY preserved in small crocks, which retains the integrity of each vegetable, along with capturing it’s own unique flavor profile. Each crock is cured and blended together into small batches, which are taste tested to insure they are packed with layers of harmonious flavor. Each production run consists of about 50 cases.


Small Batches:
Production method which insures consistency. This style captures unique layers of flavor and promises that each production lot will have the same great flavor and quality as the one before and after.


Fresh Vegetables: 
We have secured long-term contracts that provide us with large acreages for a consistent selection for each choice vegetable group we use. Some of these relationships have been passed on to us by family who have been sourcing fresh produce for generations.

ThatPickleGuy_Vegetable_Selection_smlVegetable Selection: 
Each vegetable is selected based upon a careful “Survival of the Fittest” process. Once chosen, they are cleansed by cold filtration. The vegetable groups are re-inspected and prepared for curing.

fresh-veggies3_smlRaw Vegetables: 
Our vegetables are prepared RAW and cured RAW. They are not cooked or boiled. This retains the natural flavor, structure and integrity of each vegetable group. Because of this, you can use my products for raw food diets or to include into any recipe that calls for ANY vegetable group.

Every jar is truly handcrafted. Every vegetable lot is hand selected – Each batch is hand produced – Each jar is hand packed. However, we did just start using a machine to label our jars.

Kosher – Pareve:
Our products are certified under the Kashruth certification of the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

My Fresh Pickles: Packed “Pain stakingly” Fresh each week.  After grading and inspecting the pickling cucumbers each lot is cleansed using a unique cold filtratation process. Next, they go straight into barrels containing our special brine concoction in 10 gallon batches and refrigerated. We then drain each batch which are packed into individual jars. Each jar is flavored with our blend of spices and topped with cold fresh brine. We then snap the lids, refrigerate and they are ready for crunching…